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Five best free activities on Victoria fall

activities on victoria fall

Victoria fall is one of the best places for outdoor activities. There are many free activities to do in Victoria fall.  Victoria fall is one of the wonders of the world. Victoria fall is a waterfall on the Zambezi River which is located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. This waterfall largest waterfall on earth. It is the most beautiful and scenic waterfall on the earth planet. Victoria waterfall was discovered by Scottish explorer David Livingston in 1855. In the Tango language, Victoria fall is also known as “Smoke that thunders”. Whenever you are planning your trip towards the famous waterfall so you must be worried about your accommodation option. There are several hotels are available in this region on Victoria Fall where you can stay during your trip. These hotels also range from the luxurious category to the budgeted one. Spray view hotel is one of the demanded hotels among them that are located very close to the Victoria fall. As we mention earlier, there are a lot of activities to do in Victoria Falls. But here we shall shortlist the five best free activities on Victoria fall.

Walk over Victoria Fall Bridge, a free activity

bridge on victoria fall

Victoria Fall Bridge is a steel bridge. This bridge crosses the Zambezi River below the Victoria fall. As Zambezi River, this bridge also links two countries that are Zambia and Zimbabwe. Engineers were instructed so that to make a bridge where trains pass, they will catch the spray of falls. This bridge carries rail, roads and foot traffic between two countries. Victoria fall gives amazing scenes on this bridge. Nowadays, one of the main attractions of Victoria Falls Bridge’s are historical guided tours focused on the construction of the bridge, and they took a walking tour under the main dick. There is a small museum on the Zambian side about the construction of the bridge which is free to enter. 

Elephant walk on Victoria fall

elephant riding activity on victoria fall

Taking a trip on an elephant is almost a free activity to do on Victoria fall. Elephant trip will add four moons to your Victoria fall trip. This free activity on Victoria Falls makes your tour remarkable. You can do the shopping because there is a market behind Victoria Falls. But shopping is not free activity in Victoria fall. It may be expensive. 

Zambezi River

zambezi river on victoria fall

Zambezi River is the fourth-largest river in the Africa continent. It flows from Zambia and ends in the Indian Ocean. This river becomes the most beautiful and scenery on Victoria waterfall. This is another free activity to do at Victoria waterfall. There are a lot of free activities to do on the bank of the Zambezi River. Swimming and rafting are famous free activities.  This river is surrounded by greenery from start to end. So it is the best spot for nature lovers. Zambezi River is 2,574 kilometres long. 

This river changes water level through the year. The season for swimming is the dry season when the waterfall is not gushing very much.

Devils pool

devils pool activity on victoria fall

Devils Pool is a natural rock swimming pool next to Victoria fall. Visit devils pool is also a free activity on Victoria fall. Devils pool offers dramatic views. Whenever you have seen Victoria Falls you have the chance to dive into Devils Pool. The guides will clarify the course before giving you security instructions. Even though there is a wellbeing rope to help you en route, you ought to be a sure swimmer. When you arrive at the edge you move onto a rough outcrop near the edge of the fall. Devils  Pool is a profound regular pool that has been made by millennia of disintegration. Devils Pool has a characteristic stone edge in a real sense on the edge of the fall. This makes an obstruction where the water is a couple of centimetres down. This hindrance permits you to securely hop into the pool without getting clear over the edge of the falls 

Watch the sunset on Victoria fall

sun set on victoria fall

The view of the sunset is always a charming scene, especially in such places where the beauty of nature is at its peak. Watching the sunset on Victoria fall is a free activity but its charming effects on the brain is no less than an expensive adventure. When the last rays of the sun fall on the waterfall, it makes a rainbow effect. This is view is not less than a dramatic view. Sunsets are one of the most heartfelt times. How about we go for a sundowner. Sit together, have a beverage, and visit. Embrace the magic of the moment apart from everything else.

So these are the five best free activities to do on Victoria waterfall Zimbabwe. According to our research, the devil pool is best of all. It offers both free and paid activities. We hope you enjoy our virtual tour of Victoria waterfall. We try our best to provide you best information on free activities to do at Victoria waterfall. Here you can also explore the world largest man planted forest, Changa Manga. You can share your opinion in the comment section.


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