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Three best adventures in Changa Manga forest

Changa Manga is the world largest hand-planted forest located in Pakistan. There are many adventures to do in the Changa manga forest that’s why it become more popular among local and international tourists. Pakistan is full of tourist attractions and the Changa manga forest is one of them. the trip of Changa manga is full of adventures. This forest was planted in 1886 by the British. The trees were harvested for fuel purposes in the north-western railway network. the area covered by this forest is 12,000 acres which are equal to 48 square kilometres.  3.5 million trees were planted on 6,000 acres in this forest. This forest hosts many species like golden jackal, Indian peafowl and nilgai. It is fact that Changa manga is playing a major role in conserving wildlife in Punjab as well as Pakistan. Changa manga forest is situated in Kasur District, Punjab. It is also bounded by Lahore-Karachi railway line ML1. Every month a large number of people all across the country visit this forest.  There are many things and adventures to do in this forest. Here we will shortlist the three best adventures to do in the Changa manga forest.

1. Jungle train in changa manga forest

jungle train in Changa Manga forest.

Jungle train is the best adventure to do in Changa manga forest. Its route starts from DFOoffice ends in a motel rest house. The timing of this train is from morning to evening on all Sundays. this train is also known as the safari train. The fare of this train is 20 Pakistani rupees for children and 40 Pakistani rupees for adults which is very unusual for this great adventure.

2. Lunar lake in changa manga forest

The lunar lake is the best place for boating adventure in the Changa manga forest. The wooden bridge over the lunar lake gives four stars to its beauty. When you pass through the bridge, it slightly swims up and down which experience real swimming in water. You can visit this lake by motorboat for only Rs 40. The lunar lake is surrounded by green trees.

3. Camping

Camping is a regular feature for all adventure lovers.  This forest has its camping site separately which may bring you close to its beauty. The adventure of camping in the Changa manga forest is free. You just bring your tent, food and the necessary equipment. Besides tents, there are many resorts and hurts in the Changa manga forest for the same adventure. 

In February 2014, govt of Punjab held a Basunt festival in the Changa manga forest.

From 2017, 7,300 saplings were planted over an area of 11 acres.

 Besides that, there are a lot of things to do in the Changa manga forest. This was a short review of Changa manga forest

 Pakistan is a beautiful country with all of its forests, sky-high mountains, deserts and planes. It is fact that forests play a significant role in positive climate change.

Nowadays, climate change raises the atmospheric temperature at an alarming stage. Now It is our responsibility to grow trees and save the planet 

We hope you enjoy this virtual tour. 


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