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Top five beautiful places in Pakistan

It is a fact that Pakistan is tourist heaven. Many beautiful places in Pakistan give lentils to their viewers. The northern area of Pakistan is famous for its beauty because of lush green lakes, rivers and sky-high mountains. East-west, north and south of Pakistan are full of beautiful places, including rivers, mountains, desert and steady plans. But here we will explore the five most beautiful l places in Pakistan’s northern areas. 


Fairy meadows is beautiful place of Pakistan
this is the view Fairy meadows

Fairy Meadows is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan named by a German climber. Its local name is Joot. It is the beautiful grassland near the base camp of Killer mountain (Nanga Parbat).  The road of fairy meadow is 16 km in length and one of the most dangerous high mountain tracks in the world. It has been declared as the 2nd deadliest track in the world. This road starts from the Karakorum highway that is a trading path between Pakistan and China and ends at the village of Tato which is at an altitude of 3,300 meters above sea level. This road remains closed in winter due to snow. Fairy meadows are horrible and beautiful places in Pakistan that can attract tourists. 

4.  lakes Saif UL Muluk

beautiful places of pakistan
A beautiful view of Lake Saif ul Mulk , which is one of the beautiful places of Pakistan

3. Hunza valley

beautiful places of Pakistan
A beautiful image of Hunza valley describes the beauty of Pakistan.

Hunza valley is famous for its snow-covered, rough but bountiful mountains. This valley is located in Gilgit Baltistan. The climate of this valley is moderate in the summer season. This valley is mountainous and also known as Heaven on earth. This valley is situated on the bank of the Hunza river. Hunza valley is deadly with beautiful scenes.  Another reason to visit this valley is that this valley is located on the bank of the Hunza river. In short, Hunza is a God -given place for Pakistan as well as this region.

2. Karakoram range

Karakorum range is beautiful place of Pakistan
here is the beautiful view of Karakorum range

Travel to Pakistan is full of adventure. Karakoram range is the most beautiful place in Pakistan That,s located in administered Kashmir. Karakoram range is a series of sky-high mountains capped with snow. With the Glory of Allah almighty, the world’s second-highest peak, K2  (Godwin Austin)  is also located in Pakistan, the Karakoram range. The height of K2 is 28,280 feet from the sea level, which is the second-highest peak after Mount Everest that’s located in Nepal. This range of mountains spans the borders of 3 countries that is Pakistan, India and China. The deadly scenes of this mountain range can attract a person to itself for about hours.

1. Deosai national park

beautiful places of Pakistan
this is the view of Deosai national park, the most beautiful place in Pakistan

According to our regards, the number one beautiful place in Pakistan is Deosai national park. It’s the most beautiful place in Pakistan. It’s located in the western Himalayas in Gilgit Baltistan. Deosai national park is located between the Skardu and Astor valley, but most of its area falls in Skardu. If you see this park for the first time, it will strike you to write the poem for Deosai. 

For centuries, it’s been believed that this place is haunted by giants, from where the name Deosai just began. Deo means giants, and Sai means shadow, so the combination is the land of giants.  The Deosai national park has an abundant variety of wildlife. The Himalayan brown bear is the keystone species of the Deosai national park. This national park has beautiful tracks with marvellous scenes on each step. Deosai national park is also called the roof of the world due to its altitude that,s 13,000 feet from sea level. This national park is fully covered with snow in 7 months of the year. The plans of Deosai national park provided you with the best environment for camping. The mountains of Deosai give Wonderful scenes. The crystal water of Sheosar lake brings you to another world. It is impossible to do justice to this place with words.

With the glory of Allah Almighty, Pakistan is a beautiful place in every regard.

Here we only briefly describe the five beautiful places of Pakistan But it is not all. There are numerous places in Pakistan to visit that are out of the range of words. In short, travel to Pakistan is a memorable experience for every tourist who is interested in exploring the beauty of nature. Pakistan is heaven for him. 

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