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Top five things to do on Sahara desert trip

Camels in Sahara desert

Sahara trip is full of enjoying because Sahara is the world largest hot desert situated in the north of Africa. Its area is nearly 3,000 miles from east to west, filling almost all of northern Africa. Sahara desert has borders along with 11 countries of Africa. It comprises that  31% area of Africa. Sahara desert is bounded on the west by the Atlantic ocean and red sea by east, where the landscapes of the desert seem to change. We are not here to discuss the desert Sahara, here we will discuss the things and adventures to do on the Sahara trip. so, tour Sahara begins

1. Quad bike adventure

quad bike adventure in sahara
A beautiful view of Quad bike in Sahara desert.

Sahara trip remains incomplete without a ride quad bike in this desert. This bike has four wheels which means that the chances of falling are low but still quad bike adventure is very challenging and also an exciting adventure for the Sahara trip. The area of the Sahara desert has a variety of landscapes. On the ride of a quad bike, the places which are normally visited are rocky deserts, dry rivers and dunes. during this ride, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in its purest state. Remember, the quad bike is only legal in the desert. So, explore the beauty of the Sahara desert and enjoy the Sahara trip on a quad bike.

2. Stargazing in Sahara deserT

A view of stargazing in Sahara desert

stargazing is another adventure of the Sahara trip that make this trip crazy. Stargazing is a magical way to come closes to space science. On a Sahara trip, you can also enjoy stargazing at night. Nights are darker in the Sahara desert, so you can enjoy stargazing in Sahara better than in a city. Cites are always full of lights even at night time. In the Sahara tour, you will notice that there is a very low population in this area due to a lack of facilities.

You can get a star spotter guide with you on a Sahara trip easily. the star spotter guide can guide you better about planets, stars and galaxies that can increase your excitement about this trip. the Moroccan part of the Sahara desert is famous for stargazing. The dunes of the height of about 150 meters are the ideal spot for a stargazing adventure. These dunes are mostly in Merzouga, which is the famous village on the Moroccan side of the Sahara desert. This village is also the closest city in the desert and gives easy access to tourists into the Sahara desert.

3. Camping in sahara desert

camping adventure in sahara
A view of camping in Sahara desert.

Camping is always a fantastic adventure for a tourist on his every journey. On a Sahara trip, you can also enjoy the camping adventure. A camp around the fire, quiet and deserted sandstones and silence everywhere come close to the beauty of nature. It seems like that the beauty of nature is at its peak. the people of big cities should come here the spending time with themselves in this silence.

Many camps close in the summer season due to the hot weather in the desert. The best season for camping in the Sahara desert is the winter season. September to October are the best months for this adventure.  Camping makes the Sahara trip remarkable in your whole life. You want to come here again and again if you try camping at once.

4. Spot wildlife in sahara desert

wild life in Sahara desert

Sahara desert has rich in species. Sahara tour can give you many chances to explore the species. During your Sahara trip, you will found species some of them are gerbils jerboa, barbary sheep, cape here, sand fox and many more. water species like frogs, toads also live in pools and lakes of the Sahara desert. It depends upon you that how much interest you have in species. According to a survey, this desert host more than 90 species of birds, 70 species of mammals and hundreds of species of reptiles. Sahara hosts numerous species of arthropods.

5. Watch sunset in sahara desert

sunset in sahara trip

The view of the sunset is always romantic and charming. On the Sahara trip, you can enjoy the sunset in the desert very well. Sunsets in deserts are indeed more beautiful than in cities. The sunset is peak beauty at the end of the day. the seen of sunset relive fatigue of whole busy and tiring day during the Sahara trip. Sunset makes more colourful your Sahara trip and Sahara tour. This beautiful and romantic sunset can attract viewers to itself. Many poets write beautiful poems on this romantic scene. They don’t write poems, they just try to express their feelings in words. Words are bounded and have limitations, so it is impossible to write this scene in bounded words.

The sunset in the desert will take in an imaginary world. Not only the sunset, but sunrises are also the most beautiful scene in your Sahara trip. Dust of desert is also added colors in sunrise and sunset. UNESCO also admit that the most beautiful sunset and sunrise all across the world are in the Sahara desert.

In addition, the Camel ride is a fantastic adventure on the Sahara tour. There are numerous things to see and to do in Sahara, but here we only discuss the five best things to do on a Sahara trip. we hope if you only do these five things, the Sahara trip will be memorable for your whole life. We are sure if you visit this place at once, you will become an ambassador of its beauty.

So we close this tour of Sahara here. I hope you enjoy this virtual tour with us. We try to do justice with this place with the help of limited words. If you enjoy this trip, share with others and expresses your feelings in a comment. You can also give your opinion because your opinion matters.

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